Digimap launches AEOI solutions division

Digimap launches AEOI solutions division

1st December 2017 Digi_Admin 0

Digimap are pleased to announce the launch of its specialist Automatic Exchange of Information AEOI solutions division.

This is in recognition of the importance and great interest in Digimap’s IGOR solution which handles the key CRS, FATCA and CbC reporting for Competent Authorities.

Digimap’s Information Gateway Online Reporter (IGOR) solution brings together our deep knowledge of the business challenges faced by the Competent Authority and Tax Authority in a Jurisdiction under one division. With twenty years’ experience of delivering software solutions and services to public sector organisations, we have the skills and expertise to deliver digital solutions to meet your regulatory or legislative obligations.

We can help you achieve your Common Reporting Standard (CRS) and other obligations, quickly and cost effectively with our Commercial Off the Shelf solution (COTS).

The States of Guernsey was an Early Adopter and the Competent Authority (being the Guernsey Income Tax Service) has been live with the IGOR system for 3 years and has already made 2 rounds of FATCA returns using IDES and the September 2017 CRS returns using CTS, in accordance with the OECD instructions.

What sets us apart is our ability to work closely with you to provide a solution to meet your requirements, working closely with our software development team.  We believe in a partnership approach.

Nig Garland, Deputy Director (Compliance & International) of the Guernsey Income Tax Service said “we have been extremely pleased with the IGOR system and the work Digimap has carried out. The CRS and FATCA obligations can be quite technical, and Digimap and its team of programmers has made that part easy for us as the Competent Authority and as easy as possible for the Guernsey Financial Institutions. From a Competent Authority perspective I have found having direct access to the developers of the software has been particularly helpful.”